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[22 Aug 2004|04:17pm]
Its funny how one simple thing,
can tear your world apart.
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[10 Aug 2004|01:17pm]
i dont want to feel this.
i've got no right to.

and its draining me.
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[06 May 2004|01:34pm]
fucked up people just fuck up other fucked up people making them all even more fucked up than they were before...fucked up isnt it?
its a horrible cycle...and all us dysfunctional people should be shot in the head so this madness can stop.
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Ass pirate [03 May 2004|03:02pm]
blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda pff!

Surprisingly enough that may have been the most intelligent thing you've read alll day.
if this is the case, welcome to my world.

well nothings new, same old non-amusing bullshit you really wouldnt care to read about anyway.

carry-on with your usual...

oh awsome dream last pimpin' my fantasy world.

Arr maties,


Someone should email me, make me feel special...
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[07 Mar 2004|11:13pm]
in my pants?

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